How can I check my eligibility of claiming the e27 Perks?

Here's how you can locate the terms of use & eligibility criteria for Perks:

  • Click on the Perks tab to locate the Perks offerings.

  • Click on the specific Perk you would like to claim and/or know more about (it should look like this 👇🏻).

  • To check for eligibility, read the 'Terms' section.
  • If you are eligible & would like to claim the Perk, simply click 'Claim This'. 

Do note the instructions above the 'Claim This' button and follow them accordingly to claim the Perk.

Note: The Perks Programme is a cost savings feature of the e27 Pro membership. If you are not a Pro member but wish to learn more, simply click here. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us here or drop us an email at <>

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