How can I edit my startup profile?

If you wish to edit the details of your startup profile, here's how you can do it:
( Note: If your startup profile is pegged under a Pro member account, make sure you are logged into your Pro account) 
  • Go to the e27 home page and hover over your profile icon (top right) to see a drop down menu
  • Make sure you are logged into your e27/ e27 Pro account 
  • Click on your startup profile under 'My Companies' tab

  • Click on 'Edit'

  • Edit the respective information and be sure to click 'Save'.

1. Updating ' General Information' tab

- Click on the ' General Information' tab.

- Fill in all relevant information about your company

' Short description': Similar to a quick pitch, 1-liner elevator pitch to describe your company! 

' Long Description': Similar to a long Pitch, here’s where you show off your company in 2000 characters! You might want to include some of the following: Company’s Mission, What your company does, Company Culture etc.

' Logo': Be sure to add a company logo! This improves the credibility of your startup and makes e27 Community members more likely to connect with you.

Add a ' Cover Photo' & 'Gallery': (Cover Photo similar to a banner on your profile) 

Add a ' YouTube Video URL': This video will show up as a video preview on your profile. This is a good time to showcase your products/ company values 

Add a ' RSS Feed URL': You can attach a RSS feed here and it will show at the side of your profile, keep potential investors and/or partners updated with the happenings in your company! 

- If you are currently actively fundraising, click on the “yes” button and fill in the information. Your profile will appear in the fundraising widget on the front page.

- ' Links' to other social media platforms are a good way to share more information about your company to the e27 Community. If you have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, this is the place to add those links.

2. Updating ' Startup Information' tab

- Fill in relevant information in " Date Founded", "Vertical", "Currently Fundraising?", "Round", "Total amount of round (USD)" and "Which countries is the startup operating in?" tabs accordingly. 

- If you are open to Partnership, Funding and/or mentorship opportunities, check the boxes (under "Opportunities") accordingly and it will reflect on your startup profile. 

(This is important for investors/ mentors to understand how they can provide help. The more information you include the higher the chances of connections) 

3. Updating ' Team' tab

- Click on 'Team' tab on the left.

- Click on ' Add Team Member' and fill in the relevant information.

- Add as many team members as possible! Particularly the ones that you want potential investors to contact

3. Updating ' Funding' tab

- Click on the ' Funding' tab on the left on the page. 

- Click ' Add a funding round

- Fill in the information on the (previous) round(s) of funding and add your investor profiles accordingly. 

4. Updating 'Investments' tab.

- Click on ' Add Previous Investment' and fill in the relevant information

5. Updating ' Fundraising Information' tab

(Startup data room is only visible to e27 Pro members)

- Click on 'Fundraising Information' on the left tab.

- Fill in detailed information about your company.

(These information will not be visible on your public profile. It will only be sent to investors that you wish to connect to in e27 Connect, in the connection request that you send)

- You may turn off the “Data Visibility” toggle to disable sharing of this information to e27 Connect investors.

- Don't forget to click ' Save'!

**Only connection requests with updated data room will be sent out to investors. Information given in the data room will only be shown to investors who have received your connection requests. 

Please also let us know if there is any way we can improve our website! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated (:

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