How do I claim Perks?

Here's how you can claim Perks as a e27 Pro Member.

  • Click on the Perks tab to locate our curated list of Perks. From there, you can select the Perk you wish to claim and read through the terms listed by our Perk partners.

  • Click on the specific Perk you would like to claim and/or know more about (it should look like this 👇🏻).

  • Please ensure that you qualify for the terms listed in the Perk before clicking on the Claim This button. 
  • To check for eligibility, read the 'Terms' section.
  • If you are eligible & would like to claim the Perk, simply click 'Claim This'. 

Do note the instructions above the 'Claim This' button and follow them accordingly to claim the Perk.

Note: The Perks Programme is a cost savings feature of the e27 Pro membership. If you are not a Pro member but wish to learn more, simply click here. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us here or drop us an email at <>

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