How do I become admin of a Startup or Investor Profile?

To claim admin rights on your investor profile, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Investors or Startups" tab and search for your company

2. Click on "I work in this company"

3. Fill out the necessary details in the pop up and click "Add" as this action will make you part of the team.

  • The admin who created the investor profile must log in and click the "Edit" button beside the Investor/ Start Up name. 

4. Go to the "Team" section of the profile and click the "Make Admin" button on the respective teammates who need admin access. 

Note: Please also remember to fill out as much detail about your company as possible :) If the administrator has left your company or you are unsure who the admin is, please contact us (top right tab of the Help Homepage) for further assistance.

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