Investor update template (Concise)

Hi <<Investor First Name>>,

<<Give a brief update on finances and what you plan to do>>

Key Metrics

Financial Overview

<<You can include; Gross Profit, Net Income, Total expenses. Best to add as a visual>>

There were no key changes last month. We are interviewing for <<Position(s)>> and should have offer(s) out by <<Date>>.

Key Problems:

<<Highlight hurdles met. Describe and be concise, you may also choose to highlight some points where you need help/ advice from>>


  1. We have some problems with <<Product Initiative>>. We are lacking experience in [X]. Can you recommend a [Mentor/Partner/etc.] to come in and help (this can be a paid coaching position)?
  2. I have been approached by a VC who wants to potentially pre-empt a [Series X]. How do I best deal with this?
  3. We have lost 2 important [customers/potential customers] due to [X]. Can any of you spare some time to talk through our positioning statements and sales process?
  4. I am worried that [key competitor X] has just closed a [$X Round] (see here for more info), how shall we best deal with this (if at all)?

Many thanks,

<<Sign off>>


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