Guide to updating startup profile

Startup Information

This is step 2. in the Create Company Profile process.  These information are publicly visible on your company profile

Date Founded: When was your company founded? 

Verticals: Which industries or sectors does your company fit into? We recommend choosing from a range of three to five sectors. 

Currently Fundraising?: If you are actively fundraising, click on the “ Yes” button and fill in information about this current fundraising round, and the total amount that you are looking to raise in USD. 

The above information will be visible on the company profile
Pro members: These information will also appear in the Fundraising widget listed on e27's front page

Which countries is the Startup operating in?: You may also list down countries the company is operating in to give  a scale of the company's operations.

Opportunities: Tick relevant opportunities that you're open to. 

This is important for investors/mentors/visitors to understand how they can provide help. 

Pro members: The more information you include the higher the chances of connections sent to your company 

Once you're done, click Continue

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