Guide in using Connect Dashboard Appointment Manager (for startups)

Well done! The investor has accepted your Connect request.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Appointment Manager:

1. Once the investor approves the startup Connect request, an introduction will be sent via email.  Startup is encouraged to send the meeting schedule via Connect Appointment Manager. With the use of Appointment Manager, both the startup and the investor are able to track the meeting progress.

2. Startup is also able to directly send the schedule via Connect Dashboard's Connect Summary.

3. There are 3 date options provided. A short note to the investor is optional if you want to say something to the investor before the meeting.

4. Once the investor accepts the schedule, a notification email will be sent to confirm the meeting, or you may check the Appointment Manager too:

Note: Investor may ask to reschedule the meeting, and startup will be notified via email. Status of the meeting can be viewed via Connect Manager (click Appointment Manager) too. 

Why use Connect Appointment Manager? 

This is for both the startup and the investor to track the progress of their meetings. Multiple meetings may happen and both parties are able to see the history log of the appointments done. 

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