I have successfully changed my contact email, but I'm still not receiving the Ecosystem Roundups. What should I do?

This could happen in the event where your email have unsubscribed from e27 mailing list. To check that you have subscribed to our mailing list, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your e27 account on e27.co
  2. Go to your e27 profile by clicking your profile icon on the top-right hand corner
  3. Under the tab 'Email Alert Settings', make sure that section 'Newsletter' is is toggled to 'Daily newsletter' and not 'Unsubscribe'

If your 'Newsletter' settings have been toggled to 'Daily newsletter' and you still do not receive Ecosystem Roundups from us, please check your spam/junk inbox and promotion tabs. If they still cannot find the email, contact us (memberships@e27.co) for assistance.

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