I have just gotten Pro, what should I do now?

Welcome onboard and thank you for placing your trust in e27!

With e27 Pro, you will have full access to our key features including e27 Connect, Ecosystem Roundups, and exclusive to Pro members' events, activities and mentorships. We have prepared a short checklist for you before you embark onto the e27 Pro features:

  1. Updating your e27 Contact Email
    1. Your preferred contact email will be used to receive all communications from e27. To change your contact email, see How do I change my contact email?
  2. Updating your newsletter settings
    1. Please ensure that your Newsletter setting is set to 'Daily newsletter' to receive our Daily Digest and Ecosystem Roundups. To update your newsletter settings, see How do I update my newsletter settings?
  3. Setting up your e27 Startup Profile
    1. If you do not have any startup profile set up in e27 yet, you can follow our guide here.
    2. If you have already have a startup profile set up in e27, updating your startup's Fundraising Information is necessary before you send out connection requests. 

Now, you are ready to explore e27 Pro features: e27 Connect and Ecosystem Roundups

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