Why am I not receiving Pro emails from e27?

If you are a Pro member and you are not receiving any emails from us, the emails could be lost in other inboxes. To prevent this, please make sure you add <<memberships@e27.co>> in your address book.

Here's how:

Gmail users

1. Go to your Gmail Inbox and click on the Google Apps icon (reference below) in the top right corner, beside your profile photo.

2. Locate 'Contacts' in your Google Apps

3. Click on 'Create contact' (top left)

4. Fill in the necessary information, add <<memberships@e27.co>> under the 'email' field and click save! 

Find out more from Google here

If you have added memberships@e27.co to your address book and you are still not receiving e27 emails. Please contact us at <<memberships@e27.co>>

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