How do I claim my investor profile?

Some Investor profiles on e27 have not been claimed yet. If you see "Claim this profile" on an Investor profile, this means that the profile is yet to be claimed.

Here's your guide to claiming your investor profile:

1. Go to Investor Directory page.

2. Search for your investor profile.

3. Click on "Claim this profile" as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Indicate that you work for the company by Click

  • If you have not registered yourself as part of the Company, a pop up will appear. Press "Proceed" and add yourself to the company

5. Once you claim an investor profile, kindly wait for your claim request to be approved within the day.

If you want to confer admin rights to other team mates, please see this article

Note: Remember to populate your investor profile with as much information as possible

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