How do I create my company investor profile?

Few things to note before creating an investor profile:
  • Make sure you have a personal account and you are logged into the account 
  • The investor profile represents an entity and not a person/personal investments (angels)
  • Before you create an investor profile, run a quick check if there has been an existing investor profile in our Investor Directory This is to avoid confusion and duplicate accounts.
  • If there's an existing profile, here is how you can claim it.

Steps to creating or updating your investor profile:

1. Hover over your personal profile icon on the top right corner of the homepage and click on " Create Investment Profile".

2. Provide general information and press " Continue" to navigate to the next tab 

Note: It is important to input the right information as this affects the visibility of your profile. The more complete your profile information is, the more your profile stands out!3. Next, fill up the Team Information by adding your co-founders and team members. 

Note: Only registered e27 users can be found in our directory of team members, as such, you will need to click on "Click here to send an invite" as shown in the red box above, where a pop-up will appear for you to key in your team member's email to send an invite to your him/her to join the company profile page.

4. Fill out the Investment information & Click " Continue".

Note: As shown in the boxes in red below, remember to indicate your ' ability to lead' and 'type of investment firm'. Updating your 'ability to lead' section can help startups understand your preferences when investing (if you choose to invest in their company, will you be willing to sit with the board to direct, or do you only wish to invest?)

4. Add your investment portfolio for a better reference of the companies have invested in in the past.

5. Here's how Connect works. Turn on e27 Connect. This will allow startups to get connected with you whether it be fundraising, partnership, business feedback, or collaboration purposes. 

7. Add the Funds that you have Raised so far. 

8. Lastly, click 'Continue'. Your investor profile is now complete! You can click "View Investor Profile" to see how your profile looks like.

Verified Investor Profile Badge

  • Some Investors in our database have a verified badge on their profile. This gives startups confidence in the information & contact point, that is presented in our directory. If you would like to know what information is needed to get verified, please see the related help article below on verification

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