Pro Tips for using Connect (Startups)

Pro tips from the e27 Team!

Find the right and meaningful connections with the specific people to meet your needs and save time! 
  • Time saving efforts: Streamline your search to save time. 
    • Apply multiple filters between 'Investment location', 'Verticals', 'Investee', 'Looking to raise and funding stage' and 'Type of investment firm'
      • By filtering, you can find an investor with an investment thesis that fits your company profile! 
      • This way, you can be certain that the investor you choose to connect with is interested in investing in your field.
    • Check their 'Ability to lead'
      • If you're looking for an investor to lead your fundraising round, look out for this feature!
      • Investors that indicate their ability to lead are your best bet if you need more advice in driving the direction of the company. Some investors may only invest and not lead. 
    • Investor-Startup fit: Screen through an investor's/ organization's profile in the 'Details' section to find out if connecting with this organization will meet your needs. 

Making sure your profile stands out! 

  • Update your Social links: Allow investors to view your social media accounts 
  • Upload a Videos and a Photo Gallery: Explaining what you do can be done in 1 minute...with visual aid 
    • You can upload a YouTube link in your profile to show a video preview and upload a gallery of up to 6 images. 
  • Keep potential investors/ partners updated: Its good to keep investors updated on what your company is doing, you never know when they might reach out or reconnect with you! 
    • You can now upload your RSS feed on the happenings in your company. You never know who is viewing your profile and what opportunities may come your way. 
    • As mentioned by Joseph Phua (Non Executive Chairman of 17LIVE) during our session with him on What NOT to say to investors"Update investors on what you are doing and how great your company is." 

  • Increasing your exposure and chances of connections: Speaking of opportunities, participating Connect Investors / Organizations can request to connect with you too!
    • Be sure to indicate your 'Openness to opportunities' in your profile for them to know if they should be connecting with you!

  • More than just Fundraising: Connect with investors for other opportunities!
    • Investors may also be willing to assist you in terms of mentorship, advice or partnership opportunities. They might even be able to introduce you to other more relevant investors
    • When requesting to connect with an investors, try our other options as well! 
      • Partnership/Collaboration
      • Feedback/Advice
      • Mentorship
    • Use these options to reach out to investors and get conversations started. Remember to select the right option before submitting the connection request

  • Social Media: Link your social media accounts to your e27 profile for added visibility!
    • You can link your startup's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to your profile
    • This gives the e27 Community and Investors a chance to follow your social media and stay up to date on the happenings of your startup!
    • You can even follow Investors on their respective Social Media accounts to stay informed of any important news 
  • Using the right tools to know when to reconnect: 
  • You have not requested to connect or your last request sent was rejected and was more than 7 days ago

    Your request is being processed 

    Your request was rejected  

    Your request has been accepted

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