What to prepare before connecting with investors?

If you are a Pro Startup who wishes to leverage on e27 Connect, here's what you should do to get the most out of Connect: 

Before you apply for connection requests, please ensure that:

  • Your startup profile information is accurate and up-to-date
  • Complete your Fundraising Information to maximize your chances to secure connections with investors (please note that requests with incomplete data room will be put on hold)
  • Upload your RSS feed to keep interested parties up to date with your startup

Getting started

  1. Create and update your e27 Startup Profile.
  2. Look for relevant investors in our e27 Investors Database. (Note: remember to filter 'Show only e27 Connect investors').
  3. You may choose to filter between the different types of investors and their investment preferences.
  4. Screen through the investor/ organization's profile and details.
  5. Request connections to Investors/ organizations you are keen to connect with by filling out the form. Remember to add a your personal note.  
  6. Wait for investors to review your connection requests. 
  7. Once the investor approves your requests, you will receive warm email introductions by e27.

For investors that indicated “Yes” in connecting with you, e27 will introduce the investors to you via an email introduction. 

As part of our commitment to improve e27 Connect, we would like to find out about the quality of the conversation after the call(s) are concluded. A feedback form is included in the email and we appreciate your time to fill it up.

The Connect button reflects status of connection requests: 

This is how your Connect requests look like based on the investor response:

Your request is being  processed 

Your request was  rejected 

Your request has been  accepted

Note: Connect requests expires in 30 days. e27 follows up with the investors few times within 30 days. If no response is made by the investor, the connection automatically expires; 'til then, Pro member can send another Connect request to the investor.

We have prepared a e27 Fundraising Guide & Best Practices and Pro tips for Connect. Be sure to check it out before sending your connections! 

Note: The feature to send out connect requests to investors is only available to e27 Pro members. 

If you are not a Pro member but wish to know more, click the link to find out more!

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