How do I send Connect requests to Investors?

Here's how you can begin sending connection requests to investors:

1. Locate the Investors directory

2. Once you are on the Investors directory, you can search for investors participating in e27 Connect by toggling on the 'Only show e27 Connect investors' button at the bottom right of the search bar. 

Our filter buttons are a really great way to show the relevant participating investors! 
- Investment Location
- Vertical
- Fundin
g Stage
- Type of Investment Firm

3. Start sending your Connect requests to investors by clicking 'Connect'

Note: There is NO limit in sending out Connect requests to investors. On an average, fundraising startups send requests to about 30 investors.

4. Fill out the details and remember to include a personal note to the investor.

  • Here's a quick template to help you craft your personal note. 
  • Tick the Fundraising Information box. This allows us to send the fundraising information to the investor you wish to connect with. Note: All previous hidden information will be sent to the investors in this current version as part of our goal to provide the investors the relevant information you have provided.
  • Hit 'Connect Now'
  • All information will be sent to the investors for their action.

Few notes before you start Connecting:

  1. You have updated your fundraising information (if you have not done so and don't know how to do it, check it out here)
  2. Previous version of the Request to Connect Form allowed you to hide some information. We have made the necessary changes to allow the investors to view your relevant fundraising information.

This feature to send out connect requests to investors is only available to e27 Pro members. If you are not a Pro member but wish to know more, click the link to find out more!

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