Guide to updating Fundraising Information

This is step 7. in the Create Company Profile process.  These information are not publicly visible on the company profile.

These information are only sent during the investor Connect process meant for Pro members

Pro members can update this section which will be sent to the investors you connect with. Consider this as the company's data room. It will only be sent to investors when you connect with them. 

Update as of 28 April 2021 : We have disabled the Data Visibility as part of our enhancement on the information we send to investors. All data in your Fundraising Information  will be shared with the investors you wish to connect with. The information about your company is the investor's reference for responding to requests. We encourage you to update your Fundraising Information as accurate as possible, and all this information will be sent to the investors once you send a connect request.

Fundraising Information

Number of Founders: This is an important information for all VCs. 

Team Size: This gives a scale of the team at the current stage of the company

Pitch Deck: Max 25MB, PDF file. This is the most utilized/viewed information for the VC, please do upload the most recent pitch deck.

Amount Raising: This should be an amount that you have indicated as the amount that the startup is looking to raise for the current round

Total Amount Raised: This should be the total amount raised, in combination of all the previous rounds.

Pre Money Valuation: As a self-explained field. The current valuation pre-money (pre-investments) that the startup is setting. 

Post-Fundraising Company Runway (Months): As a self-explained field. The length of runway gives an indication of the feasibility of the business to the investors. 

Named Investors From Previous Rounds: Naming a couple of well known investors usually will help, as it lends credibility to the startup business. 

Annual Revenue (USD): As a self-explained field. 

Month on Month Growth over past 6 months (%): As a self-explained field.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) Growth (%): As a self-explained field.

Any Other Growth Metrics: As a self-explained field. Do add other supplementary information such as clients,  partnerships, advisors, as a few examples in adding information in this field. We do recommend keeping this short. 

Once you're done, click Continue

Only connection requests with updated data room will be sent out to investors. Information given here will only be shown to investors who have received your connection requests. 

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