Guide to updating funding investment

Funding Investment

This is step 5 and step 6 in your company profile building exercise

Add an Investment Round: This applies to investment rounds that are fully invested into this company. These information are publicly displayed on the company profile and important for various purposes. After clicking on the " + ", you have the various fields

  1. Round: You can select qualitative description of the round, describing the round as either Seed or Series A amongst more options. 
  2. Total amount of round (USD): Amount invested in USD for this particular round. 
  3. Date: When was the round completed. 
  4. Which investors were part of this round?: These could be individuals or VC firms. Search for their names or VC firm names using the search box. You can send them an invite to notify them that you wish to recognize them as an investor under your company profile. 

Make sure you click Add to save the information

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