Guide to updating team information

About your Team

This is step 4 in the Create Company Profile process. 

We recommend to have at least key team members added and linked to the company profile to increase legitimacy and seriousness of the profile. 

Adding team members: If the team member(s) has an existing e27 profile, 

  1. you can search for her/him using the Add Member box. 
  2. Click on the " + " symbol to add the person. 
  3. Add the time period that the person is with your company
  4. Indicate if they are currently working here using the checkbox
  5. Click Add

Adding team members: If the team member(s) does not have an existing e27 profile, please use Click here to send an invite and add their emails. Your team member(s) will be invited to create an e27 user profile. 

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