How do I edit/update my company investor profile?

1. Hover over your profile icon and select your company under the "My Investment Profile"

2. Click the "Edit" function as shown below

3. Fill in all the General information and press "Save" to save your information and navigate to the next tab.

3. Fill in all the Investment information and remember to indicate your 'ability to lead' and 'type of investment firm

  • Updating your 'ability to lead' section can help startups understand your preferences when investing (if you choose to invest in their company, will you be willing to sit with the board to direct, or do you only wish to invest?) 

4. Under "Investments", you can click "Add previous investment" to add your investment portfolio for a better reference of the companies have invested in in the past.

5. In the following section, you can continue to add more team members to your existing team by clicking "Add Team Member"

6. Remember to also Turn on e27 Connect. This will allow startups to get connected with you whether it be fundraising, partnership, business feedback, or collaboration purposes. 7. Last but not least, add any Funds that you have Raised so far by clicking on "Add funds"

Once you have completed all the needed information, click "Add" and you are done!

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