I'm an investor, how do I join the Connect Programme?

Get started with your e27 Investor profile. 

1. Login your e27 account.

2. Search for your investor profile. This would allow you to verify if an existing investor profile exists.

3. Check if your investor profile is claimed.

Option A: 

If your company already has a profile but the profile admin belongs to someone else in your company, here's how you can claim admin rights.

Option B:

If you do not see the “Claim this Investor Profile” button, somebody has admin access to your Investor Profile.

4. If there is no existing investor Profile, please go ahead and create a new one by following these steps.

Here are some tips on updating your Investor Profile:

5. Down to the last step. Join e27 Connect by sending an email to < contact@e27.co> . Please provide your Investor Profile link for us to get to know you more.

It's that simple!

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