I'm an investor, how do I receive connect request from startups?

For investors, you have to be part of e27 Connect before you receive any request from the Pro startup members. 

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Here's how Connect works for investors:

1. This is how startups connect with investors.

2. e27 reviews the Connect request to ensure that the startup has provided relevant information and that the connection is legitimate and not a spam.

3. Once the Connect request is approved, as an investor, you will receive a notification via email:

4. Kindly answer with a YES or NO to the Connect request:

5. Once you say Yes! to the request, a warm introduction email will be sent to get the conversation started between you and the startup.

6. Startup and investor may take the conversation directly, and may either opt to have a physical meeting, or a call.

Note: If your response is No, startup gets notified. Startup can then send another request to you after 7 days. However, unanswered Connect request expires after 30 days. 

P.S. Be one of one of Active investors by responding to Connect requests sent by the startups. We feature Active investors in our newsletter and article.

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