How do I create an investor profile?

  • Make sure you have a personal account and you are logged into the account 
  • Before you create an investor profile, we highly recommend you to check if anyone from your team has created one already. This is to avoid confusion and duplicate accounts. Simply locate our Investor Directory and search your company name in the search bar. 
  • If someone in your team has created an investor profile, here is how you can claim it. 
  • If not, hover over your profile icon and click on "Create Investment Profile

  • Fill in all the information (the more completed your profile information is, the more your profile stands out!) and press "Continue" to navigate to the next tab.
  • Fill in the Investment information & Click "Continue".

  • Remember to indicate your 'ability to lead' and 'type of investment firm'!

  • Voila! Your investor profile is complete! You can click "View Investor Profile" to see how your profile looks like. If you are signing up as a e27 Connect investor, notify the e27 PIC you have been in contact with once you have created your investor profile. 
  • If you wish to learn more about/ join the e27 Connect Program, do let us know here.

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